Hooray! Sleeper Set at British Vogue vogue.co.uk! We have always believed that if you work well and make an honest and high-quality product, then we will certainly be noticed! We have repeatedly won tenders with the most biased and strict customers - such as foreign government organizations, for example! Everything mattered - the quality of the bedding, the conditions in which it was made, the quality and naturalness of the fabrics, the speed of order execution, and we, the Sleeper Set team, dealt with all this! And here is the Sleeper Set - in the British Vogue!

We can not describe in words how grateful we are for being invited to this project, for writing about us and for recommending us! It was incredibly pleasant to read in a letter from Conde Nast that the brand and product of Sleeper Set correspond to the spirit and style of Vogue, because this is the highest level set by the legendary edition.
Vogue has been cultivating good taste and a high lifestyle for many decades, so the recommendations of  Sleeper Set bedding for creating the perfect interior, a cozy home are a recognition for us and a confirmation that everything is not in vain, that we are doing everything right and everything is just beginning!

In the October issue British Vogue recommends a cozy Christmas Warmth flannel bedding. The first cool nights make us think about warming our bedrooms.

In the November issue, when the world gradually loses its colors and wants saturation and light, vogue.co.uk recommends the Oceans bedding collection.


In the December issue, in the most Festive Season, Vogue chose Sea Shell, the most delicate and elegant bedding.

A special love for us is Elle Decoration. After all, this magazine is the quintessence of excellent taste in the world of interior design, the latest decor trends and high style in the arrangement of home space. Everyone who is in one way or another interested in the art of interior design, from the earliest years, read this edition, looking forward to the release of a fresh, smelling of printing ink, magazine. Elle Decoration is a British edition, and we are very pleased that the editors recommend Savoy bedding from Sleeper Set in their selection in the February issue.
We admit that yes, we dreamed of getting into Vogue publications, and, as you know, dreams come true. That is why for us this is a truly magical and inspiring event!
We thank our customers for their many years of support and faith in us!