Valentine's Day is a very special holiday for lovers and for those who have long and forever found their great love. On this day, we feel delight and gratitude for the amazing feeling that the Universe gave us and which came to us as a gift. And, of course, we, in turn, want to thank the beloved person who gave us love and reciprocity, so Valentine's Day is a day of pleasant gifts with which we demonstrate our care and tenderness.
What to give your loved one on Valentine's Day? We have many gift ideas for you that will demonstrate your concern, tenderness and love without words, because in the Sleeper Set online store there are many things that you touch daily and that will bring special warmth, coziness and comfort to your loved one.
One of the most luxurious and desirable gifts for every woman is pajamas and nightgowns made of natural silk. The pleasure that you feel in contact with silk is not comparable with anything. Tenderness, subtlety and lightness of silk fabric are comparable to flower petals.
A classic gift for men is a classic men's pajamas made of 100% cotton. It is so comfortable and stylish that true aesthetes will surely appreciate it.
A warm throw blanket as a gift has always been a sign of special care, because in this way you give warmth. Luxury Italian 100% woolen yarn of which Sleeper Set throws are made is very soft and not at all prickly. When you touch the blanket, you understand what real warmth and care is.

Aroma candles are a wonderful, sophisticated gift, which, thanks to a fantastic smell, will capture this holiday forever in your memory, because smells are sensations that never fade from your memory, and once you hear this or that fragrance, next time, meeting him again, memory is capable of evoking an avalanche of pleasant memories, feelings, and, of course, tenderness and love for you. Our online store presents very high-quality scented candles from one of the world's leading manufacturers Village Candle (USA), made from food paraffin using natural aromatic oils, and the result of the virtuoso work of perfumers is very complex, persistent, sophisticated aromas.


Bed linen is one of the gifts that you show care and love. Choose a soft and silky sateen bedding, which is not only comfortable, but also very pleasant to sleep. And remember, bedding is not just for sleeping ;)
To make your gift look especially elegant and spectacular, order a gift wrap! And if you want to surprise your loved one, use our Gift Service - order a gift, pay for it online and specify the delivery address, and our couriers will deliver it to the addressee!
We wish you a pleasant Valentine's Day, as well as an ocean of true love!
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