Now is the most wonderful and fabulous time of the year! Time to make wishes and the time to make them come true! You've probably heard or read the story that everyone can become Santa Claus! We love this time, because our office is turning into a real branch of Santa's factory! We prepare and pack gifts for you, receive warm thanks from you and enjoy these pre-holiday days!
And sometimes our couriers become real Santas, delivering surprise gifts ordered by our clients for their friends and beloved ones! We have a Gift Service and, having ordered bed linen, pajamas or a blanket as a gift, we will pack the gift in the gift box of your choice and deliver it to the addressee! You can also purchase gift certificates from us, by which you can later choose a set of bed linen, pajamas or other cozy things for the home, both online and in the Sleeper Set store in the Cosmopolite shopping center.
Traditionally, Christmas holidays are the most family and home, so choosing a set of bed linen, warm blanket, blanket or pajamas as a gift, you can't go wrong! After all, you will give care and comfort. What could be better than a warm holiday home filled with love and joy?
Giving gifts is a special joy and pleasure! Try to become Santa for someone and make a nice and useful gift by choosing cozy home items from Sleeper Set. And, of course, get a New Year's gift from the Sleeper Set!
The conditions of the promotion are simple: by placing an order on our website or purchasing from the Sleeper Set store, you will receive a gift from us! Choose the size of bedding you need, cozy pajamas or home decor etc. and get a nice present;)
We wish you all happy holidays and fulfillment of your wishes!