Spring is always for us a time of change, new directions and hopes, a complete renewal and pleasant plans. The first spring sunshine, which carries warmth in the early morning, the first birdsong makes us stop for a moment, grab an internal gaze of our dream, causing a smile, and move into a noisy, restless world to realize it.
It was the theme of the refreshing that inspired us to create a new collection of Savoy bed linen made of white satin - crystal clear air, blue sky and bright sun, light, spacious interiors, rooms with large windows that let in a lot of light ...

White cotton satin, dark gray edging or coffee, as in the variation of the Savoy Coffee collection, which graphically and contrastly emphasizes the shape of bedding, will bring its light to the interior of your bedroom! The Savoy collection can easily be contrasted even more by adding, for example, pillowcases and / or a sheet from the dark gray Monochrome or Monochrome Stripe collections. According to psychologists, white bedding is capable of influencing us in such a way that the psyche is uploaded without focusing on the same ideas, expanding consciousness, making thinking more flexible and inventive.

Believe in dreams, set ambitious goals and achieve them, and we will make sure that you have a good rest after an active and productive day!