If you want to change something in your life, start with yourself! The easiest way is to change habits and environments - a picture of the world that you see daily. Just take care of yourself! And with us you will get in the habit of getting enough sleep and enjoying your bedroom ;) Here are a few life hacks from Sleeper Set:
- you don’t have to torment yourself in what shade of gray to choose - bed linen by Sleeper Set can be assembled as a designer. The photo shows a family set that combines 3 collections - Porcelain, Monochrome and Comfort Gray, Shade plaid
-  it's up to you whether to iron the bed or not - it looks cool in both cases - and you can make nice instagram photos on it
- wash the bed with liquid products that do not destroy the structure of the fabric, and it will last you a very long time
You can always buy additional items to your sets in our online store