So, you've looked up at the Sleeper Set online bedding store , and we are  pleased to see you here so much! And we want to tell about ourselves and why you should choose the Sleeper Set.
Despites our goal is to produce the highest quality linens for you, carefully select fabrics for our collections, test them for durability, develop designs, work on every detail and stitch so that you can safely dive into deep sleep and have a good rest, we have a number of undeniable advantages!
We guarantee you the quality of the Sleeper Set product as a manufacturer, therefore we accept any complaints and are ready to correct mistakes to become even better! We accept feedback, good reviews, by the way, too - it inspires us very much, we always answer any questions and are ready to solve your problem if it has arisen.
We use only 100% natural fabrics in the bedding production. We do not accept any artificial additives. Of course, we sleep only in Sleeper Set bedding ourselves and buy it for our parents, children and close friends, because we always wish the best for them! You can order samples of fabrics that are used in the manufacturing of bed linen, and we will be happy to send them to you so that you are convinced of their quality and naturalness. And, of course, our sales consultants will tell you about fabrics and show our products when you visit our store!
Sleeper Set is a unique product because it is a bedding designer. Yes, we know that they began to copy us, but we were the first and it is in our online store that you can conveniently choose the set you need - the size and number of items that you need! With the same convenience, you can do this in the Sleeper Set store in the Cosmopolite Multimall Kyiv, because each item has its own packaging. The plagiarists have not reached a similar service and quality. Mostely thanks also to our partners - developers of the online store and developers of the shopping center, in which our spacious and comfortable store is located. In addition, you can buy only one item, if only you need it, and you can assemble a set of bed linen from several collections, mixing components.
Do you know how joyfully to rush to work when you enjoy it? This is all thanks to our customers! We are incredibly pleased to communicate with you! Because you trust us, inspire, make us better, believe in us, advise which products we should launch, take the time to write a review, and this will just incredibly drive us!
Therefore, for regular and beloved customers in our online store there is a cumulative discount system: when ordering from 100. - 2%, from 250 - 5%, from 350 UAH. - 10%. How pleasant it is when you return, even after 5 years! This suggests that we are on the right track, choosing a long-term development perspective, honestly doing our job and earning a good reputation with you!
Of course, we understand your concerns when you order for the first time, so you can pay after inspecting the ordered goods. In addition, our courier in Kiev can bring a choice of several sets of bed linen. In other regions, as mentioned above, we can send tissue samples so that you can choose a set for your interior. And the managers of the online store will always help you decide on the right sizes.

If you need to “dress” all the bedrooms of your new home in beautiful plain linen, you can always contact us - we will prepare your order as soon as possible! Sleeper Set takes individual orders by your standards, so you can be sure that your fitted sheet fits perfectly on the mattress and the duvet cover fits your blanket.

We will be glad to see you among our beloved customers and friends of Sleeper Set! We are always ready to answer your questions by phone or in messengers + 38-098-640-93-46 or by mail! Join our community on Facebook and Instagram!