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Sleeper Set bed linen is a high-quality Ukrainian product, which has already been appreciated in 40 countries of the world, such as France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, USA, New Zealand, Australia and of course the brand has become very popular in Ukraine! When creating the Sleeper Set bedding, we were guided by the principles of high quality, functional design, natural fabrics, ease of purchase and impeccable service.
For the production of bed linen, we choose the most expensive and high-quality fabrics in its segment and, of course, only 100% natural. Now in our online store you can buy bedding from sateen, stripe-sateen, poplin and flannel, which include only 100% cotton. 

After all, natural cotton is today the best and optimal solution for bed linen and your sleep - cotton is the most hygroscopic material, absorbs moisture well, maintains optimum temperature, anti-allergenic and pleasant to the body. Softness, silkiness, density of the fabric is determined by the quality of weaving of the thread. The thinner the thread and the more difficult the process of weaving, the more expensive the fabric and, accordingly, the set of bed linen sewn from it.

We would like to emphasize that Sleeper Set is 100% Ukrainian company. We chose such a business model because we believe that in our country there is a very high qualification of professional specialists, and neither in China nor in other countries of the East, we will not receive the quality of bed linen we are striving for in Ukraine.
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