In a stream of endless daily worries, we sometimes forget where we are moving, or even have no goal at all. This translates into an implicit, unconscious dissatisfaction with oorselves, our life, and simply everyday events. Often we buy something that we don’t want at all, we don’t go where we want and we don’t communicate with those who we would love to talk with for hours, who are able to fill and inspire us.
Autumn is a time of great plans. Take a few minutes to do this pleasant work, and your life will certainly change. Sit back!
Big plans give us a vector in the direction our life is moving. What kind of person do I want to be? What surrounds me is a new person? What do I do daily when I am this stronger, more perfect person? (Here Friedrich Nietzsche would applaud you, because very few people have a desire to improve). This vector sets the scope of our knowledge, which we may have to obtain, our activities, professions, and social circle. And these general touches give our subconscious mind an approximate map of time movement and create events that in the future will lead us to the desired picture of the world.
Medium-term plans — a month, half a year, a year — structure and direct our daily actions, preventing us from being in chaos and going astray. Try to close your eyes and write 5 desires, and maybe these are some unresolved problems and tasks, by solving which you will be happy. Now, under each desire, write how you can achieve it or, if this is an unresolved problem, how it can be solved. This will allow you not to dissipate energy, but to achieve results and get exactly what you want. For example, you always wanted to go to Ibiza, but it turns out that every summer you go to Turkey. Just find out how much this trip will cost you, plan it in advance, and determine how much you need to save on it every month. And make your dreams come true!
Small plans are equally important. Remember how often it happens that you forget to buy cosmetics that have run out or new bedding;), and instead of arrange spontaneous shopping, buying things that you don’t wear or use then. This is a very pleasant procedure - to write down exactly those things that you want to buy and follow this plan.
Real freedom is to create your own life yourself! Have fun with it.