We all adore the strict functional design of contemporary, but sometimes we have the mood and the need to bring something juicy and bright into the calm, often monochromatic tones in which the interior is executed. This article will focus on the spring-summer mood, namely - on floral prints in the interiors. We analyze what and how to do so that it is effective, not to slide into vulgarity, and assess the complexity of introducing innovations, and also consider recommendations on how to do this correctly in order to harmonize space.
All of us are a little afraid of floristry in the interiors. Surely this sends us to the endless colorful carpets of Soviet apartments, chintz bedding forget-me-nots and tea sets in roses. However, floristic patterns are successfully used not only in classical or rustic interiors, but also in quite modern and minimalist and, of course, in neoclassicism. When choosing a floristic solution, it is important not to overdo it and choose a pattern according to color and structure so that it fits perfectly into the space without pressing, making noise or pumping up.
Let's start with the most difficult ideas to implement - with wall murals. We are all already familiar with this type of urban art, like facade murals, but we don’t often see interior murals. Art painting of the walls of rooms in this case is based on the base color in which the walls of the room are painted, as well as the unified colors of the furniture, for example, or the decor of the windows. That is, the tones used in the artistic painting of the walls are simply obliged to respond in the tones of furniture and home decoration.
Or step back a few steps in hue and saturation from the main color.
An easier way to decorate the walls of the room with a floral pattern is to use wallpaper. Now there is a very wide selection of wallpapers on the market and it is quite easy to implement. However, as in the case of wall murals, we recommend placing such a pattern on only one wall, designing the others in a tone that resonates with a floral print.
Use both large and small-sized patterns - this, according to your desire, scales or shrinks the space and makes it more chamber and intimate.
You can also partially wallpaper all walls with floral prints, leaving a plain border, but it is important that the rest of the bedroom decoration elements must be monochrome - furniture, textiles, and bedding, as in the photo below.
Wallpapers in tone of furniture look pretty impressive.
Ceramic accents in the form of floral patterns are incredibly spectacular. Here again, it is better to dilute them with calmer, monophonic elements.
Another very elegant way to use floral patterns in the interior is to use decorative fabrics in furniture upholstery and carpets. But you must remember that while the rest of the space should be light, monochrome and fully emphasize such a furniture accent.
One of the most commonplace, simple and quick ways - the use of painting or photography. Here, again, we are talking about an emphasis in a plain interior or about echoing the tones of the wall decor with the colors used in the interior of the room.
Decorative textiles are also one of the easiest and ways to bring a floral accent to your space. What could be easier than just changing decorative pillowcases on pillows? By the way, in our online store these decorative pillows with replaceable pillowcases are sold, so you can change them as you like, creating any mood in your home.
Perhaps we don’t often think about it, but changing tableware, using it seasonally can radically transform both the interior and our mood! The basis of a plain, often white tablecloth and textile napkins, is able to emphasize a light floral pattern of porcelain. A plain tablecloth base to match the tone of the pattern on the dishes can also look spectacular.
And Sleeper Set offers you its proven, easy and simple way - to buy bedding with floral print. In our online store there are 3 collections - Pencil Sketch, combining a plain graphite base and soft pink fabric with a pencil sketch pattern - very seasoned and stylish,
Bilbao Morning - a splash of summer, pleasant tones, a pattern in the form of yellow, pink and pale blue branches on an azure background. Such bedding will ideally look in plain light or dark interiors as a summer, joyful accent,
French Beige - a pattern that fits perfectly into the classic interior in warm colors.
The beauty of using floristic prints in bed linen is that they can be used when you feel like it, or diluted with plain components (pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers), which can be purchased separately in our online store!
Remember, you are the creator of your space!