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We have created Sleeper Set bedding for your comfort. If you have 8 pillows, you prefer not to “pull over” the blanket, but to wrap yourself in separate ones with your soul mate, then the Sleeper Set bedding is a godsend for you.
All components - pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers - you can buy separately. In addition, you can create your own bed set, combining your favorite components of different colors. After all, it often happens that we feel comfortable sleeping not on 2, not on 4 pillows, as is suggested in standard sets, but, for example, on 3, 5 or 8 pillows. We want our customers to forget about such problems - you can buy everything you need for a good sleep at the Sleeper Set bedding store.
In the Sleeper Set online store you can purchase both a set of bed linen and separate items, such as pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, blankets, pillows, toppers, incl. waterproof. You can collect an interesting ensemble from different items, which will improve the comfort of your bedroom and help you relax at any time of the day. Moreover, in our online store you can find such home decor items as large handmade knitted blankets, as well as factory-made high-quality wool, cashmere, cotton ones, bedspreads, and stylish decorative pillows. With great care for our customers, we created the Sleeper Set bath series, which presents terry towels of the most convenient sizes and incredibly comfortable and high-quality men's and women's bathrobes, as well as women's and men's pajamas, clothes for rest and sleep.

On the pages of our online store you will find information about ongoing promotions and current discounts. The catalog of the online store of bed linen Sleeper Set is constantly updated with new bedding sets and accessories, which are supplemented with a detailed description and high-quality photos. Flexible prices, high quality, certified items, convenient payment terms and prompt delivery are the advantages that we can offer our customers. Working on the creation of new products, thinking through the details of the design and colors, we care about your comfort and stand guard over a healthy and restful sleep. The quality of production and the fabrics that we select for bed linen are the most important criteria for us in the development of the Sleeper Set trademark: only 100% cotton, high professionalism and responsibility in manufacturing, and the strictest quality control are principles that we will not deviate from. That is why many of our customers have already appreciated the Sleeper Set bedding and are returning to our online store for new purchases. Especially pleasant for us is the fact that our customers outside Ukraine, chose Sleeper Set bed linen, having the opportunity to buy bed linen of leading brands, and at the same time return to us again and again, noting high quality and comfort, as well as ease of purchase bed linen on the components.

Sleepeing is a precious time for fullfill the energy, the time for diving into the other reality, when nothing should bother our rest. 

Bed linen made of satin, poplin and flannel of the highest quality gently envelops you, its silky structure will contribute to complete relaxation, and a 100% natural fabric will create a special temperature comfort.