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Sleeper Set bathrobe is love from the first touch, because the terry which it is made of is 100% cotton. Surely you have your favorite things at home that give you incredible comfort and bring special pleasure with each use, things that await you at home. Sleeper Set terry bathrobes have become such a favorite item for many of our customers.
Often, when making dressing gowns, additives of artificial materials are used, in comparison with such products, Sleeper Set natural bathrobes will delight you with quality, easy to wear, practicality and a beautiful look.
Sleeper Set bath robes are soft and body-friendly; they absorb moisture well and are not voluminous and thick, like artificial terry robes. In addition, we paid special attention to the cut of the product, as well as its details - bathrobes have stitching along all edges, due to which they retain their shape and original appearance, even after repeated washings the material does not crumble, does not “go”. Also, the fabric is quite light and at the same time quite dense, soft and pleasant, which allows the owner of the dressing gown to look elegant in it at home.
An important detail of our bathrobe is the hood. This allows you to leave the bathroom with wet hair, especially in a cool room, in a cozy warmth and comfort - and the natural terry cloth absorbs excess moisture and allows you to enjoy freshness and cleanliness without any unpleasant sensations. The Sleeper Set bathrobe also has patch pockets and a comfortable waistband. Both the belt and pockets have stitching, so they keep their shape perfectly.
The real bestsellers of our online store are bathrobes in white and graphite colors. Fans of snow-white and dark terry were divided equally, but appreciated the quality of these products.
Leaving the bathroom, you will feel only convenience and comfort! In the Sleeper Set online store you will find men's, women's and children's terry bathrobes that will please the whole family! When creating children's bathrobes, we also carefully considered every detail, preserving all the elements - a hood, pockets, belt and stitching, which are in bathrobes for adults, so your little ones will also be comfortable after taking a bath.
Tip from Sleeper Set: when washing with rinses, the product will remain soft, we also recommend washing terry products at a temperature of 40 degrees C, liquid detergents will give the terry cloth even more softness.