Each person has purely individual preferences, this also applies to bedding. Someone loves traditional cotton linens that “crunches”, someone prefers such a thin and expensive fabric that even beautiful clothes could easily be made out of it. But most importantly - choose bedding only from natural fabrics!
Sleeper Set offers you a wide selection of bed linen from a wide variety of cotton fabrics, so here you can choose exactly what you like.
Poplin is a classic cotton fabric with a low density of weaving, but in touch is quite dense, due to the fact that the thread from which this fabric is woven is thicker than in, say, in satin. Poplin bedding is easy to care, has an attractive price, natural, breathable and quite durable.
Ranforse is also a cotton, but denser than poplin fabric due to a thinner and more twisted thread. Ranforse has a rather crispy texture, but already has a slight sheen, and is also unpretentious in care.
Flannel is a warm, soft, delicate and incredibly comfortable fabric made of cotton, has a compact structure, thicker than other cotton fabrics. Flannel sheets are ideal for cold seasons.
Percale is a cross between ranforse and satin, it is woven denser, from a finer thread, but it still does not have the silky sheen that satin possesses. Percale is often used in hotels, because it is quite unpretentious and wear-resistant fabric.
Satin is a very dense fabric woven from a very thin and highly twisted thread, so it has such an extraordinary sheen, incredibly pleasing to the body and looks luxurious. It behaves perfectly with proper care - does not lose color and luster. Visually, it is often even mistaken for silk, but the composition of sateen is 100% cotton. Silky structure is achieved through a rather complex and expensive process of manufaturing from a very thin thread. Solid satin is obtained in the process of active dyeing, so the fabric does not fade and retains color for a long time.
Jacquard, stripe satin - a very dense, unusually beautiful cotton fabric with different patterns, thanks to a change in the interweaving of threads. You can meet “striped” stripe satin, as in five-star hotels, or a wide variety of patterns - floral, geometric, etc. Jacquard has a very high density: this fabric is woven from thin threads, but the density due to the series of patterns is higher than of ordinary satin. Of course, jacquard bedding has a shine, overflow, it is unusually elegant.
Mako-satin is the highest quality cotton, like cashmere among woolen fibers. The finest thread and unusually dense weaving. Expensive, chic bedding is created of mako-sateen, has an exceptional sheen and silkiness.
Well, you choose, but know that any cotton bedding will give you extraordinary coziness and comfort. Feel free to choose a bedlinen for the interior of your bedroom, tactfully decide what you like and how the body feels.