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Porcelain Bedding Collection

SKU: Porc-50x70
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Fabric: Sateen. Composition: 100% cotton. Made in Ukraine.

Oxford Pillowcases 50x70, all pillowcases with a wide valve for pillows. Button-down duvet covers along the bottom edge. We opted for the use of pillowcase valves and buttons for duvet covers in the design of bedding because alternative fasteners - zippers, buttons, Velcro - quickly break, tear during washing in washing machines, and also interfere during sleep. Each unit of goods passes the most stringent quality control and has individual packaging. Sleeper Set bedding has been tested by washing and ironing at high temperatures, does not fade, does not sit, does not become loose, retains color and luster and will last a really long time.

Вже не перший раз замовляю постільну білизну в цьому магазині. Спробувала Porcelain і дуже задоволена. Тканина білесенька, шовковиста, майже невагома. Саме таку хотіла для літа. Дякую менеджерам, які підтримували замовлення весь час, допомагали в оформленні, відслідковували доставку. Буду рекомендувати вашу білизну друзям, а сама, вже впевнена, - ваш постійний клієнт.
Качество отличное. Рекомендую к покупке!
Очень довольна покупкой -выбрала комплект PORCELAIN. Отличное качество ткани(мне есть с чем сравнивать - ранее покупала постель в Европе, Турции) , красивая подача, менеджер правильно подсказал, что если мой матрас 30 см высотой, то есть возможность выполнить индивидуальный заказ на пошив простыни . Спасибо ! Теперь я буду вашим постоянным покупателем !
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White color is an infinite purity, a new untouched page, light and serenity, lightness of clouds, the integrity of the first snow ... A variety of associations can cause each of us to see a snow-white canvas. Perhaps this is the reason for the choice of bedding that is so widespread among our customers.
The Porcelain collection is created for you if you choose softness and silky satin overflow, classic white color, comfort and compliance with high quality standards. It is no coincidence that white bedding is an invariable attribute of exquisite hotel interiors, a symbol of impeccable taste, impeccability in every detail.
This bedding set is basic, rightfully considered indispensable for home comfort for all occasions. The Porcelain set will add coziness to the interior of your bedroom, create a light and bright atmosphere. This collection will appeal to connoisseurs of pure white linen, without any decoration. The simplicity and conciseness of this collection will allow you to enjoy a wonderful rest and to meet the new day with renewed vigor!
If you want to diversify the design of your bedding, take the opportunity to combine it with the elements of other collections - it can be bright, dark, bright or pastel shades of fabric. To diversify the texture and design, combine the components of the Porcelain collection with the elements of collections made of white stripe satin: Crystal Pure and Snow White - the result will delight you with extraordinary elegance. You can add elegance with Saint Matain Vacation or Savoy pillowcases.
Please note: the Porcelain bedding collection is made of satin, which is 100% cotton. The excellent properties of natural fabric - hygroscopicity and thermoregulation - will allow you to comfortably and unimpededly plunge into a deep, sweet sleep. Satin is created from highly twisted cotton threads - thanks to a special fabric manufacturing technology, it has a discreet, sophisticated matte sheen that resembles the flickering of a pearl.
We recommend you ещ wash your bedding at a temperature of 40 С degrees, separately from other things (clothes, jeans, etc.) to prevent the appearance of spools. When rubbing with fasteners and stiffer fabric structures, the product may lose its original quality and appearance. It is also important to use delicate (non-abrasive) products without bleaches so that the fiber of the fabric does not tear and does not fluff. Subject to the conditions of care, bed linen will serve you for more than one year!
Porcelain Bedding Collection
Lux Sateen, 100% cotton , Made in Ukraine
Solid white luxury cotton satin bedding is an indispensable timeless classic for your bedroom.
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