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Jasmine Bedding Collection

SKU: Jasmine-50x70
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Fabric: Sateen. Composition: 100% cotton. Made in Ukraine.

Oxford Pillowcases 50x70, all pillowcases with a wide valve for pillows. Button-down duvet covers along the bottom edge. We opted for the use of pillowcase valves and buttons for duvet covers in the design of bedding because alternative fasteners - zippers, buttons, Velcro - quickly break, tear during washing in washing machines, and also interfere during sleep. Each unit of goods passes the most stringent quality control and has individual packaging. Sleeper Set bedding has been tested by washing and ironing at high temperatures, does not fade, does not sit, does not become loose, retains color and luster and will last a really long time.

Комплект потрясающий. Он именно роскошный. Пользуюсь несколько месяцев - ни катышек нет, ни цвет, ни легкий блеск не потерял. Уверена, что при правильном уходе ничего плохого с этим бельем не случиться. Очень приятно на нем спать. Буду покупать еще. Спасибо.
Тканина приємна на дотик, але прасується не легко. Пошито акуратно. За пів року використання на наволочках з’явилися ледь помітні ковтунці («катышки»). В цілому виглядає пристойно, але не розкішно.
Белье очень хорошего качества, ткань плотная, роскошный сатин с отливом, швы ровные, нитки не торчат. Цвет - легкий оттенок цветка жасмина, не белый, не желтый, смотрится очень благородно, дорого. При стирке не садится, держит форму. Буду заказывать в других цветах, очень довольна. Пользуюсь уже 2 года, стоит своих денег.
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This collection of bed linen can be actually called the base. Jasmine bedding can become, without exaggeration, an independent accent in the bedroom. A silky structure and a slightly warm, filling shade of white will create a very concise and at the same time luxurious effect.

A special bed linen shade of the Jasmine collection resembles the tenderness of the petals of a beautiful jasmine flower - it seems that such a familiar, dizzy jasmine fragrance is already coming! Sleeping on such linen is an incredible pleasure!

The pleasant color of bedding allows you to create combinations with elements of most of the collections presented in our online store. You can play in the contrast of warm and cold shades by combining warm Jasmine with elements from the Manhattan Place cool shade collection.
The warm brown shade of Dark Chocolate bedding collection surprisingly successfully emphasizes the noble, restrained tone of Jasmine one, creating a “sweet” combination. You can also combine Jasmine with the collections of Sweet Cocoa, Oliva, Pink Coral, Garden Rose. An unusual combination with elements of the Bilbao Morning collection can be a truly “explosive” design decision in the interior of your bedroom. Do not limit your creative imagination!

Please note that Jasmine bedding is ideal for both classic bedroom interiors and loft and contemporary interiors.

Bedding is made in Ukraine using natural fabric, satin, composition is 100% cotton. During manufacture process we are extremely attentive to the details. Pillowcases have wide valves for pillows. Duvet covers are fastened with buttons on the bottom edge.
The bedding must be washed at 40 ° C, separately from other things (clothes, jeans, etc.) in order to prevent the formation of spools that occur during friction with fasteners and more rigid fabric structures. It is necessary to use delicate (non-abrasive) detergents, without bleaches, because bleaches destroy the fibers of the fabric, loosen them. With proper care, bed linen will last you more than one year!
Jasmine Bedding Collection
Lux Sateen, 100% cotton , Made in Ukraine
Like delicate jasmine petals - this way you will feel the touch of silky sateen with a shimmering milky color.
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