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Nordic Home Bedding Collection

SKU: NH-50x70
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Fabric: popline. Composition: 100% cotton. Density 150 ТС. Made in Ukraine.

Oxford Pillowcases 50x70, all pillowcases with a wide valve for pillows. Button-down duvet covers along the bottom edge. We opted for the use of pillowcase valves and buttons for duvet covers in the design of bedding because alternative fasteners - zippers, buttons, Velcro - quickly break, tear during washing in washing machines, and also interfere during sleep. Each unit of goods passes the most stringent quality control and has individual packaging. Sleeper Set bedding has been tested by washing and ironing at high temperatures, does not fade, does not sit, does not become loose, retains color and luster and will last a really long time.

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Meet our new Nordic Home bedding collection, which represents a special level of coziness and comfort. Laconic and cozy Scandinavian style is embodied in it, thanks to the traditional striped print in gray and white tones, pretty pillowcases decor and, of course, 100% natural cotton fabric.
Bedding made of 100% cotton poplin will delight you with the unsurpassed qualities of natural fabric. In such a bed you will have a good, delightful sleep, a wonderful rest - this will be facilitated by good hygroscopicity and optimal thermoregulation of cotton material. In addition, the restrained color scheme soothes, contributing to deep sleep and peace.
The combination of white and gray shades makes this set universal for different interiors, does not attract excessive attention and is pleasant to perceive. The Nordic Home bedding set is especially successful in modern interiors, in particular, it perfectly emphasizes the “cold”, austere beauty of the Scandinavian style. The laconic design of the collection, one of the most comfortable color combinations will dynamically sparkle in a room with white or gray furniture, transforming the space with the help of lines and cut features and at the same time emphasize the warmth of the natural wood textures.

Pay attention to non-standard pillowcases - with a border on one side, decorated with three small buttons and a beautiful satin rib - the highlight of the Nordic Home collection! Pillowcases also have wide cushion flaps - it is practical and convenient to use.

You can order pillowcases, flat and fitted sheets, duvet covers of the sizes you need, having assembled the whole set, or you can purchase items from the set separately, using the online constructor on the Sleeper Set store website. Like other sets, this collection of bed linen is presented in the widest range.

Nordic Home bedding set products are ideally combined with elements of the Star Light and Stars collections, which allows you to combine them, interchanging the individual components. The Nordic Home set will look especially beautiful in combination with our cozy Irish Tales and Night Tales wool throws that warm you on cold winter evenings.

We recommend to wash your bedding at a temperature of 40 degrees, separately from clothes, to prevent the formation of spools during friction with more rigid fabric structures. It is also important to use delicate detergents without bleaches, because bleaches destroy fabric fibers. With proper care, bed linen will last you more than one year!
Nordic Home Bedding Collection
Poplin, 100% cotton , Made in Ukraine
Nordic Home bedding - Scandinavian style of your bedroom interior
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