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Polka Dot Kids Bedding Collection

SKU: PD-50x70
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Fabric: Poplin. Composition: 100% cotton. Made in Ukraine.

Oxford Pillowcases 50x70, all pillowcases with a wide valve for pillows. Button-down duvet covers along the bottom edge. We opted for the use of pillowcase valves and buttons for duvet covers in the design of bedding because alternative fasteners - zippers, buttons, Velcro - quickly break, tear during washing in washing machines, and also interfere during sleep. Each unit of goods passes the most stringent quality control and has individual packaging. Sleeper Set bedding has been tested by washing and ironing at high temperatures, does not fade, does not sit, does not become loose, retains color and luster and will last a really long time.

Все красивое и качественное! Спасибо!
Постель очень классная! Очень приятная! Спасибо.
Очень красиво и качественно! Спасибо!
Sleeper Set
Ирина, спасибо за отзыв!
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Polka Dot Kids Bedding Collection
Poplin, 100% cotton , Made in Ukraine
This collection is designed for both children and adults, made in gentle light colors, presented in the widest dimensional grid. A combination of white and blue polka dots poplin, a duvet cover decorated with large blue buttons.
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