Sleeper Set official Store is open in Cosmopolite Multimall, Kyiv! We admit, this is a new level for our company, and, as always, you, our beloved customers, inspired us to open the store! We incredibly love to communicate with you! Now we can see you not only at the markets, you can come to us every day, seven days a week, from 10.00 to 21.00. Kyiv, 6 str. Getman, Cosmopolite Multimall, block B, 4th floor, tel. +38-068-869-05-70.

Now, with comfort, you can assemble your own individual bedding set with the help of our consultants, feel the fabric, see how it looks in life and how certain elements of bedding fit together, as well as how Sleeper Set bedding looks directly on the bed. And if you like a bed or an armchair in our store, you can buy them too!
Moreover, we have a large selection of home decor - throw blankets, cushions, bedspreads, which you can also conveniently choose for your bedroom. For your convenience, in our store there is a fitting room where you can fit pajamas, leisure wear etc.
We have a friendly atmosphere, good music, and we are always ready to help you with a choice! Come in, we will be very glad to see you!